My philosophy

Resurrect your body, Resurrect your life

Football Coach
Football Coach
Championship Ring
Championship Ring


My name is Coach Placid. I'm a:

  1. A Former professional football player 
  2. A 4x College Football Champion
  3. A 2x College Football NATIONAL Champion
  4. A 1x National Championship Football Player
  5. A 1x National Champion Football Coach 
  6. A NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  7. THE Health and Wellness Coach to take you to your results


I was walking off the field after winning my first Division 1 Football National Championship and knocking off the 5X Defending National Champion in just my first year as a football coach and I started to reflect. There had to be more. There had to be a way to impact more people around the world. I had a passion for fitness (as a former 143 lb kid that everyone said could never gain weight) and coaching (as a national champion in just my first year). So I decided to set out and make a difference by combining my two passions Coaching and Fitness. I loved coaching football but there are only about 100 people on a college football team and I felt like I could help so many more people. And thus The Built Phoenix Strong Academy was born.


A Phoenix resembles resurrection and re-birth. Most people fall out of shape for a variety of reasons and once they are out of shape they believe it is over, and don't know how to ever get back to the point of being in shape. The Phoenix Academies are designed to resurrect a variety of individuals bodies and bring them back to great health and fitness so that they can excel in the other areas of their life (business, finances, relationships, etc.) 


A series of 10 Week Coaching Programs designed to guide you directly to your desired results. Without you having to even think. The program implements techniques that make your workouts and nutrition second nature so you can reach your desired goals within the 10 weeks and STAY fit and healthy for the rest of your LIFE.

Key ingredients: